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Coming Soon and Upcoming Events

Hey Everyone! Hope you're staying safe during this pandemic. I wanted to share some news. Local art shows are not happening for the remainder of 2020 and who knows when they'll return in 2021, so I'm branching out online.


I am currently preparing a "shop" on RedBubble to buy photo gift items, like mugs, notebooks and magnets and Darkroom to buy Prints. I'm hoping to get it launched before end of month. Fingers crossed!

I will still be using the other vendors I've been using in the past for ad hoc orders like 2021 Calendars ( $20USD+ shipping). Place your orders soon for that by sending me an email or contact me on my IG page @Longobardiphotography). I'm excited to get into the online marketplace. I'll let you know when the links are live!

That's all for now! Below is the first photo I sent to a juried art show and they used it in their flyer to advertise the show. #humbled.

Secret Garden
Secret Garden

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